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Hi, welcome. You can call me Scorp. Most of this journal is flocked due to an abundance of real life postings. Fanfiction and other fandom related things will always be unlocked and public, however. Commented to be added, I promise I’m friendly.

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27 July 2014 @ 04:09 am
Dear low key fic exchange writer, THANK YOU so much for writing for me! This wild card prompt is both a list of other things I’d like in the fandoms requested, other fandoms I’d like fic for, as well as what I’m generally into. This is a bit long, but please don’t get intimidated though! I would be happy and as you can see, I like and love A LOT of things. This is just mainly meant to give you other ideas if my initial prompts didn’t work for you, or inspire you in general if you want other jumping off points.

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most adorable zombie ever
1. Job interview went decently, I think? It was my first job interview ever and I was super nervous and oh god there were several questions I was just not prepared for BUT I think they liked me? I am being overly optimistic, probably, but they were very friendly to me and I got a tour of the facilities. I don't actually think I got it because I'm super inexperienced (I mean, it's entry level, the requirements are literally just a B.A. for the most part) but I feel okay about it? Idk. Weird feelings.

2. Today I decided to learn to cook more because I am adult and college graduate and should be able to feed myself more than pasta from a box, cereal, and ramen, so I made pancakes for dinner, because that's how I roll. I ended up fucking up the first batch because I was making oatmeal cranberry pancakes and somehow, mixed up nutmeg for turmeric. I made turmeric pancakes because I misread the bottle that badly. I don't even know how that happened.

My dad, bless his heart, ate all of the turmeric batch and said he liked it, so okay, that was nice of him. On the plus side, my chocolate chip oatmeal pancakes were straight up awesome.


My friend Marta is doing a low key fic exchange. Everyone on my flist should sign up, because I need more people in my smaller fandoms to sign up. GO SIGN UP, YOU CAN PROMPT ANYTHING, IT'S MULTIFANDOM AND THE RULES ARE REALLY FLEXIBLE (I have not signed up yet but hopefully tonight, I will).

4. Since I am trying to make a triumphant return to LJ, I am stealing this meme and hopefully we can all bond over LJ #weeps about the decline of LJ:


We can basically all reminisce and flail about everyone's awesomeness. #feels
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most adorable zombie ever
Title: sorry about the blood in your mouth (I wish it was mine)
Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series
Ship: Seth/Richie
Rating: NC-17, for graphic violence and sex.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Word Count: 23K.
Spoilers: Up to Pandemonium, but mainly AU from Place of Dead Roads. Things unfold differently, let’s just say.
Summary: Richie is a vampire now but that doesn’t mean things have to change, right? (or so Seth tells himself)
Warnings: Violence, gore, bloodplay, references to child abuse, references to underage incest.
Notes: Title and cut tag taken from Richard Siken’s little beast. I started writing this way back after I saw the second episode and finished around the time Pandemonium aired, while I edited and beta'd for the rest of the season. Therefore, this doesn't entirely line up factually with canon, which is probably a big deal only to me, and more of an alternative take on events. Lots and lots of thanks goes to opheliahyde, who is more than just the beta for this fic but my partner, I could not have finished this without her input, her enabling and her hand-holding through sleepless nights, and did everything to make sure this was in tiptop shape. All errors in the fic are mine. Also on Ao3.

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Part 2 || Part 3
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17 May 2014 @ 09:14 pm
I am officially a college graduate. I am now an alumni, and jobless. Go me.

I don't know how I feel right now but it's weird. I AM HAPPY YET SCARED OF LIFE but I am taking a month to just not do anything, tbh, so I am not worrying.

I will probably make a more substantial post later when I am not so tired, but I am also gonna be around more :D (until I get a job, probably)


Also everyone should go check out From Dusk Till Dawn, because it's legit my new favorite show.

Also LJ's new layout is SO FUGLY I WANNA CRY, I was going to post fic soon and now it's just going to be ugly on my LJ, UGH.
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So I am two weeks late with fic rec friday? Two weeks late. Mainly because of school and assignments, so I wanted this fic rec friday to be somewhat lasting, in case I have to disappear again. So you get five fics, all Allison Argent centric. I've been sitting on this for awhile--I think the Teen Wolf finale made me want to compile something like this, and everyone else is welcome to drop Allison fic recs in the comments, because I actually have a pretty hard time finding Allison centric stuff in fandom. Let me know, I'm sure some of you are sitting on stuff I haven't read yet <3

Like Smoke Across Fire by [personal profile] escritoireazul
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: Allison-centric, Allison/Erica
Rating: Teen
Summary: Allison's world is a world of women and wolves.

My comments: Short comment but this is literally everything I wanted right after S2. It's a perfect continuation--Allison grieving her mother and her fucked up headspace after that, full of grief and regret, and I love the writer for addressing the problems and issues in the Allison/Lydia friendship, as well as giving them time to mend. The Allison/Erica stuff is just scorching and self-destructive and I dig it a lot. Go read.

Excerpt: Erica drags her chair closer – too close – until her legs press against Allison’s, and the heat from her body makes Allison’s skin prickle. “Chemical reactions,” she murmurs, too low for anyone else to hear. “Mix and spark. Sometimes they fizzle out.” Warm breath against her neck, and when the hell did she get that close? “Sometimes they burn.”

It’s so wrong – werewolf hunter and werewolf, and she really loves Scott, even after everything – but for a second, all she wants to do is grab Erica and burn.

four more under the cut; also spoilers for Teen Wolf S3BCollapse )
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+ So I let fanfic friday/weekend slip up. IN MY DEFENSE I'VE BEEN SICK AND OVERLOADED WITH HOMEWORK. Even during spring break :| I will make up for it this weekend, I promise, I have ~plans~

+ I have yet to watch The Veronica Mars movie. This makes me very sad because my entire flist that's active is excited about it. Fuck you, school and fuck you movie theater that only shows it in a city an hour away.

+ They made From Dusk Till Dawn a television show AND NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT IT. I'm so excited, this is literally my shit, omg. Brb watching the pilot.

+ I was literally up all night and didn't get to bed until 7 am working on a project, until to wake up a few hours later to go to school. YET I AM RLY HYPER? It might be the coffee but I am so hyper. So I am putting up a meme, mainly because I miss my flist and Imma catch up on it tomorrow but I miss LJ and talking to people. SO MEME. Stolen from redbrunja:

Please ask me questions about my OTPs in the comments! Any questions! All questions! Deep questions! Silly questions! Ship questions. (It doesn't even really have to be OTPs. Basically, anything you know I have ever shipped. And maybe even anything I haven't. And, let's be serious, I could talk about certain adorable dorks for freaking ever, so let me do that. Okay? Okay.)

I like talking about shipping, basically.
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17 March 2014 @ 05:21 am
these bloody days have broken our hearts by cassiehayes
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Characters/Pairing: Caroline/Elena
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: They kill Klaus, but at a cost. Caroline tries to help Elena through her transition.
Warnings: Character death, blood/mild gore, blood drinking, consent issues around transitioning, themes of death.
My comments: One thing I always wanted was Caroline mentoring Elena in how to be a vampire. Another thing I always wanted was for Elena to turn right after in S2. SO THAT MAKES THIS EVERYTHING I WANT. I love the Caroline/Elena friendship here, and how it's not perfect, neither of them are perfect friends but it's focused on JUST them, no Salvatores, and I deeply cherish just reading them rely on each other and Caroline being a caretaker, and slightly selfish in not letting Elena die like she'd want to. I adored how Elena legitimately struggles with being a vampire, nearly eating innocent people, and struggling with her grief as well; there is such a melancholy, sad and somewhat dark tone to this whole story--this is a victory where Klaus dies but it doesn't feel like a victory, too hard-earned--and it makes the fic almost bittersweet but with an edge of hope. Caroline and Elena are really tender and gentle here, and also INTENSE. It gets intense and hot in the best way. This fic is a gift, tbh, and really underrated and I super recommend it.

Caroline pulls Elena to safety when all is clear, rests her friend’s head in her lap, and when Elena next opens her eyes she is in transition.

Jeremy is with them, standing above and shaking, and he thrusts his wrist at Elena.

“No—” she starts to choke in horrified realisation. “No.”

And Jeremy grabs her shoulder, says “Elena-” and Caroline wraps her fingers around his wrist and presses it against Elena’s mouth and says “Yes.”

Elena breathes heavy, a long shudder rippling through her, and shakes her head. “No—n—just—just let me—”


And Caroline could. Caroline could pull Jeremy away and say, let her go, Caroline could finally grant Elena this. She feels so small in her lap, unbearably light, and there are still tearstains marring her cheeks. She smells like salt and blood and grief.

Caroline could grant Elena this, but instead she says “No,” and holds Elena in place as Jeremy presses his wrist to her mouth with more insistence and Elena shudders again and she cannot help it. Her head snaps forward when she buries her teeth in her brother’s wrist and even as she drinks desperate with hunger, they can both hear how she is still sobbing.
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10 March 2014 @ 12:49 am
Doorway (1576 words) by sanidine
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Characters/Pairing: Raleigh-centric
Rating:: Teen
Summary: The medical doctors tell you it's probably PTSD. Newt and Hermann run a battery of increasingly bizarre tests and don't find anything conclusive.
My comments: This was CREEPY AS HELL. So much that I don't really want to tell you very much about the story because you should experience it for yourself, but I highly recommend it, because the author is really good at creating a creepy, mounting sense of dread with very little words. It's in second person POV, which is an issue for some people, but it definitely works here to create a creepy, intimate type of vibe. The author says she was inspired by a Stephen King story, so that should tell you a good deal of what to expect.


When you say that on air it's a joke, but you itch, just a little bit, all the time. First just on your skin, but then- Deeper?

Nothing more than a minor annoyance, really, it's not like you're breaking out in hives. The handlers bring you some Benadryl. It does nothing for the itching, but you do doze off in the middle of a New Zealand morning show. You make a startled noise when Mako nudges you awake. Someone autotunes it and the video goes viral overnight. This is your life now.

Newt calls out of the blue one day. He says that he had to steal a cell phone because him and Hermann have been in totally super secret government lockdown. Building a Pons drift system out of trash put them on a lot of radars, who knew, not to mention the whole drifting-with-the-Kaiju-hivemind thing. He is, he tells you, kind of a big deal now and has been trying to talk the government guys into letting him pose shirtless on the cover of Rolling Stone oh and by the way, could you get the press people to call Rolling Stone?

There's a lot of scuffling, then. Hermann comes on the line with Newt loud and brassed off in the background. He tells you to ignore Newton. Hermann was the one that stole the phone and he wants to know if you're alright. They haven't been allowed access to outside media and have missed most of the press tour. How is it going? Where are you? Have you been feeling well recently?

Are you sick?
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03 March 2014 @ 01:55 am
Her Heart Beat Like a Wolf (3187 words) by Netgirl_y2k
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Characters/Pairing: Sansa-centric
Rating:: Teen
Summary: There must always be a Stark in Winterfell, or: Sansa goes home. Spoilers for A Dance With Dragons.

My comments: This is beautiful. I've recc'ed this before on my LJ, about a year ago, but I wanted to do it all official like. This is just so gorgeous and I love Sansa in this story, her journey and her ending, the way she's grown and come so far. I love what this does with every single one of the Stark siblings and how it illustrates the relationship between them and Sansa. It's a shortish story and I don't want to say much about it but her relationship between her and all of her siblings get some attention and it's just so moving to me. I adore this and this made me cry weird weepy happy tears at the end of this and I kinda vaguely hope the series ends like this.

Sansa nearly cries when she sees Jon. Standing there somber and long-faced, he is the image of their father, Eddard Stark come again.

In her brother's arms the apologies trip over Sansa's tongue until she isn't sure what's she's apologising for or who to. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

"What for?"

"For not being a better sister, for being so unkind when we were children."

Even as she says it, Sansa knows it sounds foolish, a childish hurt that Jon probably hasn't thought on in years, but she needs to say it anyway. Alanye Stone has felt almost more real than Sansa Stark at times, and Alayne needs to say it.

"Sansa, we were children."

It's as he pulls back that she sees the scar across his throat, red and ragged and exactly - she can't help but notice - where an axe or greatsword would fall. She also notices for the first time that he holds himself like an injured man.

"Old wounds," he assures her as her fingers linger against the scar. "They pain me little. Although I would not refuse the offer of rest and a meal, that's quite a mountain you have out there."


The Vale has been largely untouched by the harsh winter or the years of warfare, even the dragons only passed overhead, and Sansa has the servants serve them a meal in what had been her fath-- what had been Littlefinger's solar.

Sansa tells Jon of the happier of her two brief marriages, and Jon speaks of a wildling girl he loved. He does not talk of the day the Wall fell, and Sansa does not tell him about Lady Stoneheart; she would have told Robb, she thinks, if he'd been the one to live.

That first evening they talk around Winterfell; it's too painful elsewise.
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24 February 2014 @ 01:49 am
I apologize for my consistent lateness with these rec posts for these past few weeks BUUUUT in my defense, it's been a stressful week, I'm working on a term paper, a presentation, I just had an exam, and I got a cat. I'll make a post about her later once my life chills out some.

ANYWAY, here is this week's rec, though I feel the need to preference this with A BIG SPOILER WARNING for the latest episode of Teen Wolf. I think I'll just give you the title and ship, and then put the rest under a spoiler cut if you're interested/don't mind spoilers, so here we go.

(don’t be mad) ‘cause I’m doing me better than you doing you (2850 words) by Loz
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: Scott/Stiles, Nogitsune/Scott.

Rating:: NC-17.
Warnings: Spoilers for 3B. Major character death. Dubious consent/consent issues.
Summary: Some days Scott can almost believe he isn’t gone. He looks right, he sounds right, he even smells right. But he’s the opposite.

My comments: I was originally going to rec something else today; I had it all picked out and everything, but I read this last night AND I HAD TO SHARE, especially since the new ep is tomorrow and my feelings on the last episode are still fresh for me. This hurts me, and made me want to cry and clutch something happy, but it's SO GOOD? Admittedly, it is probably the most painful if you're DEEPLY invested in the Scott&Stiles friendship like I am, or OTP them hard, like I do, but just, I don't want to talk about the main plot here, since it's so short, I don't want to reveal anything, but a world where Stiles is dead, but the nogitsune is still walking around in his body, doing a good enough impression of Stiles, and Scott KNOWS but can't bear to stop him? Like candy to me, delicious angsty candy. It hits me in my Wesley/Illyria feelings a bit and JUST /o\ The porn is really almost secondary but it's a twisted kind of hot with fucked up Stockholm Syndrome vibes, and I am pretty much all about twisted, sad porn. This is tragic and a bit of an uncomfortable read, and my main response at this is basically, "please emotionally torture me some more."


“Yo! What’re you doing in a darkened room? Or is that a question I should already know the answer to?”

He comes to settle next to Scott on the bed, long limbs pressing tight.

“You seem sad,” he says with the same kind of delight Stiles used to use when talking about finally making first line in lacrosse, or searching for a dead body in the woods, or forcing Scott to listen to his Star Wars headcanons.

“Not sad. This is my resting face,” Scott replies, because if he doesn’t then he knows a hand will clasp onto his forearm and suck his sorrow away. There are times he relies on it, on the way it all floods out of him, the shame tight and coiled deep within. Today he just wants to feel his own pain.
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17 February 2014 @ 12:25 am
You Have Burst at the Seams (5923 words) by thewindwarns
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Characters/Pairing: Johanna-centric (+ Annie, Finnick, and more)
Rating:: Teen
Summary: Each year on the anniversary of the end of the war, they air a patriotic program throughout all of Panem. A look at what goes unsaid about the life of Johanna Mason. Spoilers for the series.

My comments: My icon does not really reflect this fic very well, since I do not have a Johanna icon. But this is really wonderful and I am so fond of it because it's one of the first Hunger Games fic I read (though I sadly did not comment until today). It hooked me from the start, with a look at Johanna's life growing up in District 7, her family and the people she loved before she lost them all. I, in general, love backstory and getting to see what made characters who they are, and this was really great for that, and it really feels like it's own world, where even the small minor characters feel like they have a life of their own. But I really love when this fic gets into post-Mockingjay territory, and explores what happens with Johanna after. Annie is kind of a favorite and she's not in this fic for long (only about 6000 words, sadly) but Johanna & Annie living together is A+ Fic that doesn't erase Annie's mental health issues, but doesn't make that all she is and remembers she was a career is also A+ Basically, this fic made me happy and emotional and a little sad and weepy, all at once. Definitely well worth a read.


Her father, like his father and grandfather before him, has a workshop full of furniture: tables and chairs and sometimes the occasional cabinet or bed. (Once, it would have all been shared with her aunt, but they don’t talk about what-might-have-beens in their house, especially not when they concern ghosts taken away by the Reaping years ago.) She never disturbs him while he works (house rules), but when her father announces that he is building a chifforobe for none other than Claudius Templesmith, she finds herself wondering aloud why the famous announcer doesn’t just buy it in District 1, like any of the other things the citizens of the Capitol decide they must suddenly need for the season. He just laughs and says, "You'll figure it out, dear. You're smart." (She frowns, because that's not what the teachers say. Or the other children, for that matter. Bully, maybe, but not smart.)

When a man arrives, skin tinted purple and hair bright green, looking of all things uncomfortable in their clean and tidy home, her father leans heavily on his cane and breathes shallowly, as though each and every step is an effort. It is the first time Johanna is home to receive a visitor from the Capitol and all she wants is to run to the doctor, but Mathilde holds puts a firm hand on her shoulder. "Stay away from the buyer," Leon whispers, "Father will be fine."

She'll sit in her father's lap after, waiting for an explanation. "Listen to me, Johanna. I sell antiques, and well, sometimes people need a reason to still want to buy them. It doesn't hurt if you can give them a story of the craftsmanship, however embellished, to brag about to their friends.” She doesn't understand, not quite yet, but then her father says, "Sometimes it's best to give them a show."

She nods. "Then it's all just make believe." (She hasn’t learned just yet that they’re the ones on display -- not the furniture -- but she’ll understand it soon.)
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09 February 2014 @ 11:55 pm
A Brief Introduction to Live Action Roleplaying (28171 words) by wldnst
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: Stiles/Danny
Rating:: Teen
Summary: Jackson tells Danny he's a werewolf. Danny gets werewolf advice from a stranger on the internet. Things escalate from there.

My comments: THIS FIC. I left the embarrassing comment on this fic, wow. First off, I am not sure how many Stiles/Danny shippers I have my flist, but this really great look at how they could get together from Danny's pov. It takes care with the build up, Danny even starts off not liking Stiles because he's annoying, and it's really wonderful to see the slow progression of that. It's also told partly in epistolary style, with Danny getting advice about werewolves online from a stranger. You can guess who that is, but all those conversations are delightful.

But my actual favorite thing about this is how well the entire world is carefully developed, the attention and care this author lavishes on the relationships between the characters, both Stiles/Danny and everyone else. It's set right after S2 and does a great job (better than canon, in my opinion) on following up with the damage leftover in the wake; Lydia has a bunch of Peter issues, Danny is legitimately a good friend to her, Allison struggling with her loyalties, Jackson being...well, Jackson and Danny being conflicted about his lycanthropy. I love this fic for how well it develops and characterizes Danny, showing his history and family and hobbies and how exactly he relates to Jackson and what their odd friendship is like. The story opens with Jackson telling Danny he's a werewolf over text message, setting the tone of the story, really. I absolutely recommend this a thousand times over, basically.


“I’m a werewolf,” Jackson says. “Now.”

“So the werewolf thing’s for real,” Danny says.

“For real,” Jackson repeats.

“I thought McCall and Stilinski were just really into LARPing,” Danny says. “Though this does make more sense.”

“LARPing,” Jackson echoes, and his tone is the one he takes when he either doesn’t understand or doesn’t believe what Danny is saying, like he’s wrinkling his forehead, as slightly as he’ll allow it to wrinkle, wherever he is.

“They talk about werewolves a lot,” Danny says. “Loudly. You hadn’t noticed?”

“LARPing,” Jackson says again, like he’s still stuck on that, which, because this is Jackson, he probably is.

“Live action roleplaying,” Danny says, slowly. Sometimes Jackson understands things better if you say them slowly.

“Whatever, Danny,” Jackson says, and that’s how he sounds when Danny gets into too much depth about computer software; the tone that says that Jackson’s annoyed, but mostly because he has no clue what’s going on, and therefore thinks Danny’s being a nerd.

“So, werewolves,” Danny counters.

The phone falls silent again. Danny has questions, but when having certain conversations with Jackson you need to let him come to you. Sort of like a cat that’s not entirely tame, mostly because it’s a cat.

Sort of like the Mahealani family cat, actually. Floss is sitting on Danny’s computer chair, licking her paw.

“It’s strange,” Jackson says. “Do you know Derek Hale?”

“Stiles Stilinski once told me Derek Hale was his cousin Miguel,” Danny tells him.

“He bit me,” Jackson continues. Danny’s kind of tempted to ask if it was sexy, but he realizes that will derail this conversation entirely.
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06 February 2014 @ 09:18 pm


Okay so I'm sure everyone knows about this by now, it's been going on since Sunday BUT I'M SO EXCITED I WANNA POST THIS. There's already lots of good fic (some for my prompts even :D) and more stuff I have yet to read. It doesn't close until next Thursday, that's a whole week to write porn \o/ (I may be writing something. I want to write at least one thing for porn battle, but we'll see how that goes)
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03 February 2014 @ 12:55 am
LAAAATE fic rec Friday due to school starting and me getting overloaded with ALL THE PROJECTS (omg I have 3 huge assignments due on the same date two weeks from now D: ) because it's my final semester and they just threw a bunch stuff at me from the start D: Anyway, I am behind but I am still determined to do this every week, but because of my workload, I went for an older fic this week that I read awhile back :3

Winter Lives in My Bones (1200 words) by opheliahyde.
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Characters/Pairing: Jeremy/Vicki/Anna
Rating:: PG-13/Teen.
Summary: An As I Lay Dying coda. They've already died once, now they can't ever leave him.

My comments: CHRIST. This fic is haunting. It's short, quick read, that was written right after season 2 aired, so it's a little dated, but what I love about it is that it's a bleak look at Jeremy Gilbert, that doesn't really hold back on portraying his fucked up mental state. Imo, the show portrays Jeremy as entirely too well adjusted, given all the shit that has happened to him, and this fic explores the guilt and the abandonment issues he must have, the jagged shards of him, exacerbated by the return of Vicki and Anna. I love Vicki and Anna in this--in general, I always love them, and live for fic about them, but in here they're ghosts; they're not entirely all there, and the worst or most painful parts of them are on display. Vicki and Anna are portrayed like the way you'd remember a dead lover, full of regret and pain, and they're there to torment Jeremy, directly and indirectly, which I fucking adore. It's what I desperately wanted from s3--not the threesome parts, exactly, but the haunting ghosts of his dead girlfriends that won't leave him alone, and drive him slowly mad. I freely admit I have a bias here, because opheliahyde is my best friend, BUT this is still well worth checking it out, if you haven't already.


“Why didn’t you come for me?” Anna asks one day (he doesn’t know which, he’s lost track of time now that he’s forsaken reality and given in, they came back to him and he should stop asking why), curling over his back, pressing her cheek against his. “When they took me. Why didn’t you ever try and get me back?”

Jeremy reaches for her hand, folding their fingers together tight in knots. “I couldn’t, I didn’t know where they took you,” he says, lifting her hand and pressing a kiss to her fingertips (nobody gets second chances like him, he won‘t waste this one). “I’m sorry.”

Anna pulls away, sliding through his grasp like vapor, then moves in front of him, settling on the floor and looking up at him with vacant eyes. “I shouldn’t have come back. I should have stayed away from this town when I had the chance.”

“Maybe you should have,” he says (and it tears at him, fissuring and fracturing the Jeremy he was before, the one her words hit like bullets), then swallows.
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25 January 2014 @ 05:30 am
on your way up to the light (6554 words) by ryfkah
Fandom: Les Misérables
Characters: Jean Valjean & Éponine Thénardier mainly.
Rating:: Teen
Warnings:: Suicidal thoughts.
Summary: Eponine throws a note at an old man. She doesn't anticipate the consequences.

My comments: This fic is basically what would happen if Valjean noticed Eponine trying to warn him about Thénardier. It's so good and fascinating and I adore this fic for so many reasons but mainly for introducing me to the wonderful complex dynamic between Valjean and Eponine, I never thought these two would work so well, never gave thought to what Eponine would think of him or what Valjean would make of Eponine, and this fic draws really interesting parallels between them. I'm not sure I'd call them a friendship but they develop a strange sort of bond. Eponine's voice is spot on and perfect; the writer really captures her speech patterns and the rhythm of her voice really well. I'd rec it on that alone but I adored the scenes Eponine had with Gavroche (Thénardier siblings!) and Cosette, dynamics I am always craving more of. This fic's Eponine is fascinating and imperfect and distrusting and bitter and miserable and hates everyone except a select few and I enjoyed every bit of it.

“I've never seen your face before,” said Valjean. “If I've wronged you somehow...” He paused; the girl had stopped trying to pull away, and her shoulders were shaking with what he realized, a moment later, was laughter. “Am I wrong?”

“We were nothing to a man like you,” said the girl, laughing. “My father made you in an instant, but why should you recognize us? We were nothing to a man like you, and now we're less than that.”

Valjean stilled. He didn't recognize her in the least. There was nothing familiar about her. But Thenardier, he knew, had been prowling the neighborhood; Thenardier, who hated him, because Thenardier was the kind of man who hated the world.

There had been two children, hadn't there? Two well-dressed little girls, with dolls they wouldn't share. If this was Thenardier's daughter – as it must be Thenardier's daughter – then all was explained.

Or was it, after all? Thenardier wished, surely, to rob him, denounce him or murder him, or all three at once, if such a thing was possible. The last thing Thenardier would want to do was fright the quarry.

“I think I know your father,” he said, slowly. “I know his grudge, but what's yours?”

“I told you. I don't like you.”

“You know me; if you dislike me so much, lead your father to me, and he'll take care of the business.”

“My father, my father!” snapped the girl. “I'm sick of him. He irritates me almost as much as you do. He takes, you give, and none of it's the least use to me. You come like a bleeding-heart angel and rescue a little girl from misery, very well, then you leave and you leave misery behind you, very well, it's of no consequence to you. You've done your deed of charity, you've raised up your girl. And now your girl has everything, and me nothing, and why should that be, Monsieur Bleeding-Heart?”

(I know it's no longer Friday but given I've yet gone to bed, I say it still counts as Friday \o/ Also, I am sooo behind on comments and my flist, since school just started but thankfully, it's Saturday now so I'll work on making my way through that. You know, as soon as I get some sleep xD)
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18 January 2014 @ 12:48 am
a gift for burning (2935 words) by buriedbooks
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Pairing: Jon/Robb
Rating:: Teen
Warnings:: Nothing aside from the incest.
Summary: For the tumblr AU meme: "robb stark/jon snow, a flipped reality where jon is king in the north
and robb is the hand of the king, "i am not the dragon"" || “Brother. Will you?” Jon asks, and you’re smiling at him, all teeth and fire and the animal inside of you always straining towards a leash, say “Of course” and really mean Always.

My comments: This is honestly one of my favorite fics in this fandom of all time. I first read this fic on LJ somewhere and left a comment there, and it seems to have disappeared--along with some of this author's other fic, since I swore she had more than what I see on her AO3 archive--but thankfully this one is still around. It's excellent. I freely admit I am a bit biased because I adore this fic because it confirms my headcanon for Jon and Robb and how Jon is more Stark-like in demeanor, but it's full of gorgeous, vivid prose. Her Robb pov is great, viscerally emotional compared to Jon, and more bold than Jon in the bastard role. In general, it's just an fascinating exploration of these two in opposite roles and how it works, and the two of them really embody the ice and fire motif of the series well. This is second person POV, which I know bothers some people, but I've always loved second person POV if done well and I think it gives a more immediate, emotional grounding to Robb's perspective.


He said once you should think about joining Benjen on the Wall, and you hit him so hard he was spitting blood when he got back up.

“There’s no shame to it,” he said, maddeningly kind as he wiped at his mouth with his sleeve, red spots on grey cloth like and you snarled like the wolf on your father’s crest, your hands in fists and your heart on fire. “I couldn’t care less about shame,” and he should know this, he should, who keeps you at his side and calls you ‘brother’ in spite of names and his mother’s eyes, “if you think I’m leaving you then think again.”

He smiles, and it makes you want to hit him some more. “Too bad. You’d look good in black.” It’s an apology, of a sort, and so you let a smile of your own slip in return. “It was always more your color, Stark,” you tell him, with a punch to the shoulder to appease the urge to hurt that still hasn’t quite settled, and when Jon shoves back, a sly look and a challenge on his face, you’re quietly grateful for this closeness of bodies, flesh warm beneath the leather and furs and more understanding than words, as ever.