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MORBID AND SPOOKY: a Panfandom Dark Fic Ficathon!

MORBID AND SPOOKY: A Panfandom Darkfic Ficathon
(also @ dw)

What is considered dark fic?
For the sake of the ficathon, I am gonna go with, "use your own judgement." Everyone has a different definition or idea of what "dark fic" is, and everyone has different standards for what they consider dark. For some, it's any kind of disturbing content such as violence, death, incest, abuse, trauma; for others, it's exploration of dark themes or horror/monster related themes; it can be a tone, a creepy aesthetic, or a kind of bleak feeling. Not all dark fic is angsty fic either, or necessarily grimdark. The gamut covers a lot, so just warn properly for anything potentially upsetting/triggering and use your own judgement. I am not gonna be going around policing if something is dark enough or not.


1. Prompt anything you want, as much as you like! However, one prompt per comment--it's just easier to keep track and to fill that way.

2. If you prompt here, please don't double post prompts at the dreamwidth post. It's just makes it easier to sort through prompts that way.

3. When prompting, please use the following format: fandom, characters/pairings, prompt. Prompts can be anything—a scenario, a word, a song lyric, a poem, a picture, etc.

4. When writing fic, put in your comment title: FILLED - TITLE OF FIC (pairing and/or rating is optional). This will help us people to know that your comment has fic and will therefore get you more comments. Everyone wins.

5. Please be sensitive and warn for all triggering content in your header, or in some place visible to readers. If you're not sure if certain content will be triggering or not, feel free to ask.

6. When you fill a prompt, please leave a comment here (link, title, warnings, prompt).

7. All fandoms may come play. This is NOT a spoiler-free zone for whatever canon.

8. Feedback is much appreciated :D Other than that, have fun!

Feel free to promote this as much as you want! The more you promote, the more people who see the ficathon, the more who come to prompt, and the more likely your prompts will get filled. Everyone wins!

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