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Women of TVD Comment Fic-a-thon!

Women of TVD Comment Fic-a-thon!

In honor of halfamoon, I've decided what the world really needs is a TVD comment fic meme for the women. Why no, this is not motivated by my selfish desire for more TVD fic, why do you ask? XD


1. Prompt anything you want, as long a TVD woman is the focus. Gen, het, femmeslash, threesomes and moresomes are allowed. M/M slash is not allowed, sorry to say; I love slash as much as the next fangirl, but this is about the women. Any genre and rating is allowed. Genderswap is okay too, as long as there is a woman in the prompt (say, girl!Jeremy/Tyler is allowed, as well as boy!Bonnie/Caroline. boy!Elena/Stefan is not, however). Crossovers are also fine, as long as a TVD woman is in the prompt, i.e. Caroline/Dean Winchester from SPN is okay. Damon/Bela Talbot from SPN is not (as cool as it would be).

2. Prompt in the comments. Format is thus: Character(s) or Pairing, prompt. (Or, you know, just do what everyone else is doing).

3. When writing fic, put in your comment title: FILLED - TITLE OF FIC (pairing, rating - optional). This will help us people to know that your comment has fic and will therefore get you more comments. Everyone wins.

4. If you read a fic and like it, leave feedback for the author. It's just a nice thing to do.

5. Prompt as much as you like! However, one prompt per comment--it's just easier to keep track and to fill that way.

6. NO SPOILERS FOR UNAIRED EPISODES. Obviously, spoilers for all aired episodes, up to and including 2.13 is okay. And when 2.14 airs, spoilers for that ep will be okay.

7. Bashing, flaming or trolls of any kind will not be tolerated. We're all here to have fun, let's keep it that way.

8. Last but not least, feel free to pimp this! Feel free to hotlink :D

ETA: There are now more banners here! I would have stuck them all in this post, but I was worried it'd be too many images for slower connections. Go check it out if you want more options for pimping.

Okay, enough rules. LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED \o/

In (roughly) chronological order. As soon as we get more fills, I'll make a separate post for the masterlist, but everything is here for the moment. Let me know if there's an error, I'll fix it asap.

Mark Off Each Day (And Laugh About What We've Lost) (pg13) by opheliahyde - Carol Lockwood, I'm not as clueless as you think

Sweet as Cancer by djkiwi2576 - Bonnie & Damon, there's something about those Gilbert's

FML (R) by missnyah - Caroline/anyone(everyone), Seriously! Why is everyone STILL kissing me?!

Familiar Sentiment by djkiwi2576 - Lucy/Jonas, New Orleans jazz and unresolved feelings.

Tied Together With A Smile by opheliahyde - Elena/Matt, future!fic, memory lane

End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) (pg13) by lavendergaia - Elena/Jeremy, and in the end, it always comes down to the two of us.

The Problem with Lucy (g) by blackmamba_esq - Lucy/Elijah, Jonas wasn't his first, nor his favorite.

Something Else (pg13) by blackmamba_esq - Isobel/Alaric, And she's chosen where to be, though she's lost her wedding ring

A Lie Agreed Upon (pg) by tokenblkgirl - Sheila Bennett and Stefan Salvatore - Conversations we didn't see, about witches and vampires, the 60s, and Bonnie.

if i could be like that (Caroline-centric, Caroline/Tyler) by becksreid72 - Caroline, her future life in an alternate universe where Stefan and Damon never came back to mystic falls.

Madness Takes Its Toll (g) by earnmysong - Jenna & Elena - girls' night in

come on, baby, be my bad boyfriend by becksreid72 - Caroline/Brady, It will never happen to her again-she makes damn sure that he knows it

see you later, baby see you later (r) by waltzmatildah - Katherine, If I could laugh, I'd love you, if I could smile at anything you said, we could be laughing lovers. I think you'd prefer to be miserable instead. If I could love, I'd love you, if I could love like anybody else. I know what I am, I'm your villain. I don't give a damn if I'm your villain

careful confusion (is a thin disguise) (pg13) by jacyevans - Jenna, Finally finding out what's really been going on in Mystic Falls

i have no place i can be, you cannot take the sky from me (r) by ladygawain - Rose & Trevor, burn the land and boil the sea

a delightful mess (jenna/damon, jenna/ric, damon/katherine) by sunsetdawn20 - Jenna/Damon, I've got a past like a book, but I'll turn the page for you tonight

Somewhere Along The Way by xtreme_rebel - Alaric/Jenna/Damon, tell me you love me, come back and haunt me

All But A Dream by eenaangel - Caroline/Damon, In another life I would be your girl

You're Okay by eenaangel - Damon & Caroline or Damon/Caroline - They bond a little after the events of 'Daddy Issues'

A Quick Chat (pg) by eilowyn - Lexi/Vicki, Stefan sent her to the only person he could trust to help her

Outsourced by eenaangel - TVD/SPN, Caroline/Dean Winchester, ''Do you know what they did to me?''

Mani-Pedi (pg) by amaresu - Anna and Damon (or Anna/Damon) - nailpolish

As If Hunting Bunnies Wasn't Awkward Enough (Stefan/Caroline, K+) by jdphoenix - Caroline/Stefan, You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body

The Threat of Thunder (pg) by venacavaa - Elena - I ain't scared of lightning

Likeness (Katherine, Elena - pg) by simply_aly - Katherine/Elena - like having a little sister, really

Tonight (g) by shafeferi - Caroline, Bonnie, and Elena - a scene from their slumber party after 2x13

Black Sheep Girls (r) by scorpiod1 - Katherine/Lucy - used to be one of the rotten ones and I liked you for that

it's all just a little bit of history repeating by garnet_words - Vamp!Elena - she has her switched firmly turned off.

no crossroads here (pg) by pgmoonshine - Katherine/Elena - Petrova Fire

missing you like breathing (r) by pgmoonshine - Caroline/Elena - There was a time where blushes had nothing to do with Salvatore brothers and everything to do with each other. Looking at them now, and the never-quite-gone crush then, Caroline can understand their infatuation.

history draws blood (pg13) by pgmoonshine - Katherine (or Katerina) and Elijah - I'm not the pawn to your king

Last to Know by doom_cheesepuff - Jenna - always the last to know

I'm Better Off On My Own by amoenavi - Isobel - It's getting boring by the sea
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